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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  November 14, 2014 1:07am-1:43am PST

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>> new findings in the death of a baby gril that was crushed by door at the san francisco zoo. >> tonight we veeling evidence that points to human error as the cause. good evening. >> about 16 month old guerrilla died over the week. >> tonight guerrilla expert says zoo workers at fault and more modernen closure could have prevented it from happening and from happening
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again. >> we are live at the zoo tonight with new information. katie? >>reporter: dr. maple tells me much like a cockpit is designed so almost impossible for a pilot to pull the wrong lever the guerrillaen closure needs to be made more user friendly for zoo keepers. >> technology is definitely outdated 30 years old. >>reporter: dr. maple has worked his entire career to protect guerrilla and says the death of 16 month old one break his heart but he's a realistism the animals are trying to defeat the system. that's what they do. they are smart. they are strong. they are playful. >>reporter: he says the zoo current technology did not fail rather protocol was not followed. namely there was only one person operating the system when there should have been 2. in a handwritten report to zoo officials that sole zoo keeper started cholesteroling the automatic door after the grandmother carried her into theen closure when is he looked back the young guerrilla was trapped
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under the door. sign next to the control panel layout the rules which include keeping one hand on the stop button. that didn't happen. dr. maple says though it's not just about the door. there are visibility and lighting problems as well. >> we want to design it so that it's absolutely if nearly impossible for somebody to make that kind of a mistake. i think we can do it. >> san francisco chronicle reports there have been 2 other incidents which doors at the guerrillaen closure in the past two years. one of them an adult guerrilla fingers were injured. in san francisco katie abc 7 news. >> wedding planner who ripped off dozens of couple in san francisco hab has begun serving 4 year steps for grand theft. 45-year-old stanley kwan owned to have and to hold in china town. he took more than 60,000 dollars for wedding services this did he not provide including photography. flower flowers. limo. >> caught on the job with child porn. that's what members of a
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special internet task force say about south bay januarytor tonight accused of having more than 100 video of child pornography operate lap top. lisa has the story. fight perez accused of being part of the unthinkable. >> very disturbing situation. >> the internet crime against children task force busted 39-year-old janitor while he worked at the medical office plaza in los gatos. detective searched the lap top and found more than 100 sexual video involving children 12 and under. >> to know there are predators out there that are exploiting about innocence of children we have our detectives on this and we make sure we go ahead and conduct a thorough investigation. >>reporter: medical plaza owned by el camino hospital but opinion situations perez is not an employee but contractor. those who work in the building are appalled. >> to think that i have the t seen the guy that he has all that with him, i'm i'm really
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shaking with anger. >> perez is out on band but likely charged with possession of child important knoll rave due in court december 1st n.san jose, fv 7 news. >> if new at 11:00. blind man was struck and killed tonight by an suv in oakland. victim was a well known member of the mosque near 61 and market and heading to the evening service. leaves behind wife and children. witness say he was in the crosswalk when this happened. the driver stayed at the scene. >> action tonight in san jose because of an abc 7 news story. vick first reported the story police chef and members of the command staff violated the fv policy by accepting tickets. now to the story. city manager and attorney begin revealing the gift policy to make sure everyone understands it. >> san francisco fire chief white defend her record tonight. fire commission wept in a closed door meeting with
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her for performance he have asian and says it's tough not to take the accusation against her personally. >> try not to take it person avenue. i wouldn't last this long if i took it personally. some stiffs mean spirtd. trying to take the high road and be professional. >> we have haired private consulting firm to do the audit and appraisal of the fire department and chief to show it fire commission our resolve in moving forward with new leadership. >> they are calling for her remuscle because of ambulance respoons time and if weeks before the evaluation results is known. >> this is gotham city. miles scott law chemoia if could be bat kit and save the city. the wishes happened and we approach one year anniversary of the spectacular day we now have a clearer picture of all the good that has come from the one wish
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being granted. >> pint size pack with courage miles scott took gotham city by storm when he saved satellite from evil doors. he has battled leukemia most of his life but on this day he fought off penguin and rescued a damsel in distress. ork stated event brought approximately 20,000 people out to the streets of san francisco on friday november 15 if 20 tlechbility millions watched on line and share the event on social media. >> our city truly felt like the center of a universe. now year later the men who played the ping begin and batman remember what a remarkable phenomenon it was. >> truly insane. only could you pull this off. >>reporter: this weekend they get to see miles again to mark anniversary. >> we get together jaws small event with the family and all the major players of the people
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who helped out on the day. >>reporter: mike is a computer graphic jerry at industrial late and magic but on bat kid day he was the peping wing airng johnson is an inventory and alaska row pwachlt he played batman and think of this private ceremony as expression of gratitude. >> it was everybody doing everything they could including a news anchor. >>reporter: bricking news from san francisco hall of justice. >> san francisco opera. circus center. police department all of these local groups of people in the community come out and saying what can do i. >> miles now 6. check him out already for big first grader. thankfully miles is still in remission. >> seeing miles take things from the event and agree over the year is the all that is
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wanted. >> this is more than anyone could have hoped for. >> such an opportunity to allow people to see the magic that make a wish does all the time. >>reporter: because of the bat kid wish and the fact it went viral tv there is a grave percent increase in pending wishes. also been significant increase in donations in the past year. and the chapter is on track to grant more wishes than ever before in a single year. 3 90. that means more children like miles will get to see their wishes come true. >> san francisco police chief greg sir at the ceremony on sachlts he was instrumental in making miles wish more authentic as he pleaded for bat kid help to restore order to the city. i spoke with the chief and he says the positivity from that day made the year just fly by and he's amazed that he still gets asked about it. if you would like to help make a wish grant more wishes for children good to our web site and find a link to the
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organization ways to help section. >> it was such a positive day. >> it was incredible. >> moving on now. shocking maternity ward mix up at local hospital. father cease his day old son about to be breast fed by total stranger. >> dan is here with aneurysm team exclusive. >> i sit down with the father of that new pwovrn and find out what the hospital is doing to make sure this never happens again. >> plus the scandalous sneak peek that debut tonight right hear on abc 7. what the people are saying about new 50 shades of grey temporarily. >> wu. that is up believable. >> hulk mania comes to us. >> about foggy for the morning commute let you know what the
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>> breaking news. south korea decided to suspend asian a airlines flight to san francisco for 45 days as punishment for the deadly crash at sfo last year. >> flight struck sea wall short of the runway while trying to land 3 people died as a result. the punishment could cost the airline 13 million dollars. bay area hospital taking steps to protect newborn after strange mix up involving a premie. >> abc 7 news i-team look into what happened and even more serious issues at the hospital. >> dan is here with the story you see only on abc 7 news. >> this is something. imagine you are a young father coming to the hochlts excited to see your sochbility you walk in to find a woman you don't know about to breast feed your child. in and out hospital in berkeley trying to prevent it
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from happening again. carlos is one proud father he tells me the happiest moment of his life came when his partner the gave birth to their son this past may. what was it like when you saw your son for the first tim time. >> it was actually it was amazing. >>reporter: little baby was 44 days early sought nurses there brought him to newborn intensive care unit. >> it's good. about thank god you are talking. came out so quiet. i was so worried. >> mostly breathe they go were really concerned about because his lungs weren't fully developed. >>reporter: he came become the morning after she was born. excited to see his so that. nurse took him to room 4. >> as she pulled the curtain back she's like mom is right here. i'm like that's not mom. who is this? carlos stood this stuned to see a woman not his partner holding his son. skin to skin with her
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breast near his face so my first reaction was because i don't know you are breast feeding my child not even a day old. i don't know you. car lor tells me the nurse apologized. he felt like shouting and making a scene but didn't want to disturb the babies. so he wrote on the dry erase board in the nick u make sure you check the band. if it's not carlos, dad or don't touch my son love the father. >> spokesperson for the hospital did he cleaned to be interviewed but september the picture and e-mails confirm ago nurse handed little baby to the wrong mother. she blames misunderstanding because the surname are similar and tells me because of this incident the hospital instituted additional communication monitoring and audit with all rn open the hospital identification policy. >> security is a priority because we want to make sure that the right mom gets with the right baby. >>reporter: kandace university of san francisco nursing professor with a lot of experience working in nick u
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and as soon as the baby is born he or she gets 2 kinds of band. one with an i.d. number that matches the mother wrist band and gps tracking devices an alarm. somehow the nurse failed to make the proper connection with the baby and mop. >> in the case of this was a newer baby that there's a system communication breakdown. >>reporter: i wanted to find out more about if the hospital. i checked the file at the department of public health. earlier this year the medicaid service threatened to pull funding for the hospital bus of serious deefficiency involving nursing and surgical services. nurses failed to identify a patient was having difficulty swallowing so choked on food and died. and doctor injected the wrong solution into a cataract patient eye leading to possible loss of vision. hospital took corrective action and now in good standing. i learned a baby being handed to the wrong mom does not have to be reported to the state. that's
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why carlos thought it was necessary to tell you what happened to his family at alta base. i really want is basically for them to get a a wake up call this isn't okay. >>reporter: they have heard him now. if you have a tip for our investigation send an e-mail at this web site or call this number on the screen. put your snevl his position. >> big surprise. it is only appropriate that scandal viewers treated to something truly scandalous tonight. exclusive look at the new movie 50 shades of grey. >> my taste are very singular. you wouldn't understand. >> enlighten me then. >>reporter: full length trailer debut tonight and pretty steamy. fans going wild over the pt tantalizing sneak peechblingt here are some of the more family friendly tweet that we can show you. the 50 shade of gray trailer so
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amazing my heart just melted. and pl ann agreed another trailer for me to watch 500 times tonight. >> wow! if look away. look away. >> let's turn our attention to the weather forecast. rain day and more coming. >> we have the latest sandhya. yes as we look at the rape total last 24 hours not bad. for a weak system. third inch in san francisco. 10 invite santa rosa. mt. st. helens that 43 hundred mount almost inch of rain redwood city over quarter of an inch. oakland $2,600 and twaen hundredths of an inch here. did help in terms of the season today but still very far behind. 55 percent of average in san san jose 63 percent of normal. him if cloud cover and fog down below. check out the visibility in santa rosa. quarter mile to the fog is
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dense 3 miles and a half and watch out for this looking from exploratorium camera. temperatures in the 50's and 60's. 57 sap oh, say. roof cam are few clouds over the bay and temperature in the low mid 50's around most areas except livermore 58 degrees. hard to see from our mount tam contend for the morning drive. dense foggy dry forth upcoming weekend and chance of rain again index week but computer model once again back peddling on the idea of rain. allow a little more time when you head out the door to get to where you need go tomorrow morning. temperatures mid 40's to the mid 50's so yes you into he had to bundle up. we look at the computer animation frog in the morning will lift and we see sunny break but then litter on in the evening high cloud roll back in friday night thickening
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up a little bit towards saturday morning. the jet stream starting to show some indication of buckling. unsettled pattern developing out over the pacific as you look at the water vapor imager imagery. tomorrow afternoon temperatures in the 60's right around where you should be this time of year and look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast we go with dry weekend milder second half of the weekend. dry monday chances of rain tuesday and wednesday of thursday looking mostly cloudy. really chances of rape is better than nothing at all. >> well definitely yes take anything we can get. >> since all day. larry is in a mood to fight. >> a little amped up. confrontational than usual. we start at pretty high level but we had hulk hoch an in in here today. >> bring your aichl game. >> if you want to be the man
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you have to beat the man. i have done wrestling things he hogan here. also with the warriors game. raising the question what are you going to do when st i'm duvrminging
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but at this moment, she's fighting a brain tumor. announcer: please take a moment and join st. jude in finding cures and saving children. visit with. >> good evening. warriors such a deep roster they don't need curry to good off every night. tonight was perfect example. hulk warming up the couchltd watch some hoops. he former warrior jack on the coyv. 23 points. barns looking more and more comfortable back as
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starter. if 5 double figure in this game. that's with authorities. 22-6 run and go up 11 then check out the passing here. andrew goes inside to green a little pump fake. guy in the air 17 if and 17 points for steff hoping with fv 14 boards and if warriors win 107-99. point 3 seconds left all you have time that courtney and lee all alone and it counts. we did cup it but the referee say it's good. they win 1 helpful and the kings may be protesting the finish. to the ice chart and lightning the bench watching the shark score twice in the second period on ben bishop thornton with the sixth of the year before offensive line
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(tiffany) ask yourself what your children or cigarettes. for as long as i can remember, my mother smoked. she died from lung cancer when i was 16. i could not take the chance of continuing smoking and not being here for my daughter. i know how much i needed my mom still, and i didn't realize it until i had lost her. you can quit. for free help, call 1-800-quit-now. >> cal and usc met thursday tonight football and this game was over in a flash. how about the water boy. bobby aka adam sandler watching the proj an go to work early and often. 32 yard touch down friend nothing treenl's. nelson 16 catches for 214 yards. if up at the
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half and cal if the to come back. daniel down 31-16 but the defense could not stop t.threw for 3 79 yards. randall for 4 touch down passes tonight. late td to make the successive 38-30. hulk hogan promoting wrestle mania 31 and turns out we have issues, mike. >> mike. you are a ghost. in a blast from the past brother. never again will 49ers let you in levi stadium. all i have to say dude if you say 49ers one more time you show that wring to my blot from another mother what you going to do when hulk hogan and largest arms in the world destroy you? >> oh, my. if shoe is scared. 7 sports brought to you by eba
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ebay. we grew very close this afternoon as you can see there. >> why? >> 7 news continues now on line on twiceer facebook all the mobile device at the news afte
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the world's shortest man and the world's tallest man. they met in person. check the little guy out. he stands 21 1/2 inches tall. the other, his name is sultan, he is 8'3". he is a part-time farmer in turkey. and both men say they were honored to be included in the ceremony even though posing for pictures wasn't really easy. especially for kozan who had to. >> of course. >> cute. it's really cute. >> cute? that's what you want to go with. it's try-day friday. you love these. they are making a comeback.
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